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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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Wretched. Ghastly. Painfully bad.December 27, 2007


Format:Audio CD

Is it possible they've produced 12 of these terrible titles? I'm flabbergasted! But I'll be succinct: chidren should not be exposed to this horrid, tuneless, puerile crap. Only tone-deaf, pathetically vapid masochists would subject themselves to it. Please don't buy any of the CDs in this abominable series and thereby encourage more obscene musical atrocities.

I do realize this is a vain hope. Some children -- and, inexplicably, even some adults -- apparently cannot get enough of hearing little ones squeaking out pop music covers, regardless of how poorly they sing or how inappropriate the song choices are. As a result, another dozen dreadful discs are probably inevitable.

Of course there are Kidz Bop collections with Halloween and Christmas themes, and ones for the Country and Latin markets, and soon, no doubt, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop and any other genres these shills figure will make them a buck. We can look forward to hearing the kiddies squeal Black Sabbath and 2 Live Crew. It's the formula that would not die!

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Not much bopping January 1, 2008

By D. Williams

Format:Audio CD|Amazon Verified Purchase

I bought this for my 10 yr old son for Christmas. He was not very impressed and neither was I. The songs he did know were okay. He didn't even want to hear the whole cd. We got to track 9 and stopped.

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Kids like it. Who would've guessed? August 6, 2007

By Elizabeth Weisner

Format:Audio CD

My two children, aged 6 & 4, successfully campaigned for the inclusion of this CD into our road-trip repertoire. They cheerfully sit in the back and sing along to every track. The Kidz Bop franchise is perfectly suited for its target audience (i.e., the under-12 group), but don't expect your 15 year old niece to want it for her birthday. It's a little saccharine for adults to stomach, but not so horribly awful that you feel the need to spork your own ears in self-defense.

This is a great pick for kids growing out of The Wiggles and Backyardigans CDs, but not quite ready for uncensored radio play.

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Look at the playlist and download the "clean" song versions on itunes January 6, 2008

By Gingersnap

Format:Audio CD

I bought this for my 6 year old son (who loves the commercials) for Christmas. I wish I would've heeded the advice of other reviewers. The music is terrible. Most of the lead singers aren't awful, but it's the chorus of out of tune teeny-bopper girls singing through every song that ruins even the tolerable songs. Honestly, download the clean versions of the songs on the playlist from itunes; you and your child will be much happier.

Eh. May 16, 2012

By Laura Flannery

Format:Audio CD|Amazon Verified Purchase

You get what you would expect with this CD - its nothing that the normal adult would want to play in their car at any given moment but my kids enjoyed it and it changes the words so my daughter's wouldn't learn anything too inappropriate which was the reason I bought this CD in the first place.

Just what my kids wanted February 10, 2010

By Anthony B., Snedgen

Format:Audio CD|Amazon Verified Purchase

We have several of these CD's and my kids love them. The music is current and seems to be by the original artists redoing songs with kids singing back ground. My kids are 9 and 10 and for now, this is just what the want.

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MY CHILDREN LOVE THIS CD! November 4, 2007

By W. Crocker

Format:Audio CD


1 of 2 people found the following review helpful

The kids love it! September 27, 2007

By A. Lewerenz

Format:Audio CD|Amazon Verified Purchase

My 6 yo son & 3 yo daughter love the Kidz Bop series -- I've got #11 and #12. They always ask for it when we're in the car (& honestly, I've put it on a few times when I'm alone in the car!). Catchy tunes, cleaned up lyrics. Cute and fun.

Editorial Reviews

Scoff if you must, but the Kidz Bop gang clearly stepped up its game for 12. Song selection is the biggest factor--instead of popular but cryptic numbers kids can't relate to like "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree," from 11, here we have a gaggle of tunes ripe for kid-translation, Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape," Fergie's flouncy-flouncy "Glamorous," and Rihanna's "Umbrella" among them. Also excellent about this disc which, try though it may, is destined to be trashed by those who don't get it (that would be pretty much everybody over 9) is its timing: Its release comes on the heels of a bunch of Bop-related hoopla, including a "Kidz Bop World Tour" and a redesigned website that lets kids submit their own music videos. Let the bopping, and the grown-up groaning, begin. --Tammy La Gorce

Product Description

Its not over, far from it. With a direct response TV campaign that launched in June, Kidz Bop 12 is set to dominate the summer with recognizable, kid-friendly tracks like "How To Save a Life" and "Girlfriend." Plus, 2007 is set to be a banner year for the Kidz Bop brand, with the relaunch of and the launch of the first ever national talent search and national concert tour. Go on, give into the demand: kids are clamoring to have the newest, coolest volume of Kidz Bop in time for back to school so they can show off to all of their friends. See all Editorial Reviews

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